What is this club like?

Established in 1971, we are the oldest martial arts club at UQ and have friendly, experienced instructors. We are an ITF style affiliated with the Sang Dan style of Tae Kwon Do.

Our style of Tae Kwon Do has evolved as an effective martial art. We concentrate on practical self defence. Students are given a broad range of techniques that actually work on the mats or on the street. In this spirit, we incorporate some boxing and grappling techniques into our style.

We place a firm emphasis on technique – on practising until those pragmatic techniques can be executed powerfully and with fluid speed. We believe the mastery of patterns is essential if a student is to become a truly accomplished martial artist.

Our Instructors

Grant Dobinson, Head Instructor, 4th Dan

Founder of Sang Dan Tae Kwon Do. Part man, part titanium, 100% legend. Joined the UQ club in 1971. Grant was awarded a University Blue sports award in 1980 for winning an open-invitational national Moon Lee Taekwondo Championship. Led the UQ TKD team in Brisbane’s original All Styles Martial Arts Competitions. Grant has mentored the club and our instructors from their first wobbly front kicks.

Craig Wilkins, Senior Instructor, 2nd Dan

Instructor Wilkins has been studying TKD since his teens and joined the club as a black belt in 1984. He graded to 2nd Dan in 1987.

He has studied many martial arts over the years including kung fu, boxing and kali. Known for his devastating thigh kicks, wicked throws and awesome knife self defense classes.

Daniel Wilson, Senior Instructor, 2nd Dan

Instructor Daniel began training at UQTKD in 1994. He attained his 1st Dan in 2000 and 2nd Dan in 2005. He has also trained in various styles of karate (mostly Kyokoshin) and kung fu. He has served on the club executive as President as recently as 2009. He is a master of the Special Technique section in the Club Tournament – tiles and pieces of pine quiver whenever he walks near them. He is a teacher by training and this shows in the clarity and humour he brings to the training hall.

Craig Hewett, 1st Dan

One of the most naturally athletic martial artists you are ever likely to meet. A force to be reckoned with in the club tournament, he has won the Open Division numerous times. He manages to combine ability with patience and an easy manner and is a great instructor.

Leigh Ann Ackland, 1st Dan

Leigh Ann exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the TKD creed. What she lacks in size she makes up for with heart. She is an inspiration to all our female members and punches well above her weight. Like Craig, she started at the club as a white belt and brings to life the benefits of determination and consistent training.