Come and try a week free with us!

Turn up! Take advantage of the free trial period and see what we’re all about. With a blend of whole-class exercises and one-on-one instruction, beginners are welcomed and eased into the club.

All you need to remember is to wear loose, comfortable clothing and no jewellery. A t-shirt and long shorts or yoga pants are fine.

Do I need a uniform?

Uniforms are available at cost through the club. We use a plain white “crossover” uniform (not v-neck). Club badge is included. You must have a uniform to grade.

New members with previous martial arts experience

We know that people can learn good technique elsewhere, so it doesn’t help you or us for you to be placed too low in the ranking system. Some members prefer to start at the beginning. A higher belt means you are exposed to more advanced training.

Members joining UQTKD with previous experience are encouraged to grade with us as soon as they feel confident with our style. Remember you are not being graded on your ability alone but also performance in this style. The Senior Instructors will determine your level in the grading and you will automatically move to the appropriate belt.

Due to differences in style and standards, this may be higher or lower than the belt you held in a previous club. As they develop fluency in the new style, however, these students often perform strongly in later gradings and may double or triple grade.